New Bayer dean named

preederBy Victor Essel | The Duquesne Duke

Philip Reeder will become the dean of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences effective July 1.

Reeder brings nine years of administrative experience from the University of South Florida to Duquesne and said he has a desire to continue to build his administrative skills by moving from departmental administration to school administration.

Reeder will succeed David Seybert, who has decided to return to scholarship and teaching full-time after serving as dean of the Bayer School since 2002.

“As dean of the Bayer School, I can utilize my existing administrative and leadership skills, as well as expand my skills by taking on the additional responsibilities of a Dean,” Reeder said. “My areas of expertise fit very nicely within the existing areas of specialization in the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.”

Reeder said he is “ecstatic” to be part of an established school like the Bayer school, and “to be selected to lead it into the future is truly exciting.”

“I look forward to the challenges and rewards, as the Bayer School’s administrators, faculty, staff and students work together to make Natural and Environmental Sciences at Duquesne University, a place of national and international importance collectively, and in the disciplines that comprise the School,” Reeder said.

President Charles J. Dougherty appointed Reeder to the position and said he is confident he will perform well.

“We believe that he will bring new energy to the School’s emphasis on the environmental sciences,” Dougherty said.

Reeder also works with research and teaching specializations related to the physical, human and cultural dimensions of natural resources, as well as sustainable environments, environmental education and Earth Systems Science.

“My areas of expertise are multidisciplinary, and will bridge many of the Departments in the Bayer School,” he said. “I will continue to be a strong advocate for the importance of introducing students to real-world situations, and having the students develop and use critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

Dougherty said he thinks Reeder will bring an “exceptionally diverse scientific background,” including the study of water resources and the impact of human and geographic interactions surrounding water.

“Reeder has also conducted archeological digs in the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered,” Dougherty said.

Seybert said the faculty is anticipating Reeder’s arrival this July.

“We are confident that he will provide the required leadership to continue the development of our research, educational, and outreach missions, enhancing our science programs and making the Bayer School a premier school of science with an increasing national and international reputation,” Seybert said.

Photo courtesy of Philip Reeder.

Caption: Phillip Reeder will become the dean of the Bayer School of Natural and Enviornmental Sciences July 1.