Random acts of kindness brighten students’ days

by Isabella Abbott | staff writer

Feb. 17, 2022

Even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way which is why Duquesne students are doing just that. Feb. 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day and with one small gesture at a time, we can work to make the world a kinder place.

Buying for Someone on a Whim 

Britta Wheeler 

I was at a grocery store with my friend, who ended up being short on money.

I knew she needed the groceries, and I didn’t want her not to get what she needed for the next couple of weeks. 

I felt bad and went ahead to pay, knowing she would appreciate the gesture. 

The friend said I made her day and told me she would pay me back. 

Generosity through Grief

Michaela Bosworth 

“When I lost a family member last year, my friends continuously reached out and checked in on me. 

On campus, they all pulled together money to buy me a pick-me-up gift to brighten my day. 

It meant a lot to me and showed that they would be there for me through it all.”

Birthday Celebration

Kiran Dahnke

“At home, we don’t celebrate birthdays. 

This year my friends took time out of their days to celebrate me.

We hung out during the day and got Chinese food for dinner.

It’s been nice to finally celebrate the day.”

Homemade Cookies 

Nicole Pascetta

“Every weekend my roommate goes home and brings back baked cookies.

She makes them with her mother, and they always taste delicious.

This weekend she also brought back Popeyes, which is our go-to spot. 

It’s a thoughtful gesture that makes me smile.”

Coffee Surprise 

Brianna McDonagh

“I had two acts of kindness happen to me in one day. 

One was that I had lost my water bottle, and someone ended up holding it for me.

At the same time, someone else bought my coffee at Starbucks.

Everything was unexpected and lovely, it made my day.”

Gifts from Afar 

Nicolas Guadagnino

“Every time a holiday comes up while I’m at school, I get a gift from my nana. 

I’m always thankful whether it’s a card or some homemade goodies.

It reminds me of her and makes me feel at home.”

Borrowed Sweater

Payton Campbell 

“I asked my friend if I could borrow her sweater and she let me. 

When I went to give it back to her she told me to keep it because she doesn’t wear it and said it looked cute on me. It made my day, and I got a new sweater!”

Buffalo Dip Surprise

Jillian Peters 

“My friend is making me buffalo chicken dip for our 2000 meter row coming up.

It’s a really difficult piece but knowing I can look forward to the dip will make it easier to complete. 

She’s not doing the piece because of an injury but by making the dip for me, I know she’s cheering me on.”

Student Potentiality 

Aynslee Sibley 

“I had a faculty advisor who believed in me. 

They saw a lot of potential and pushed me to apply for an academic fraternity. 

It was a really sweet gesture knowing that someone thought of me for an opportunity. 

It all worked out and I ended up getting into the fraternity!”

Wishing Luck Before Exams 

Hannah Valenty 

“I always like it when someone wishes me good luck before an exam. 

My friends are very thoughtful and kind when they do this for me. 

I know I can succeed when others have my back.”

Coach’s Food Gift 

Osa Wheeler 

“A girl on my team gave the coaches a batch of cookies the other day. 

She baked them herself which was a pleasant surprise.

The cookies were amazing and it was a thoughtful motion.” 

Hydration Reminders 

Julia Lauire 

“Every time my roommate goes to fill up her water bottle she always asks if I want mine filled up as well. 

It’s always so courteous and generous of her. 

She encourages me to always stay hydrated; it’s the little things that matter.”