St. Ann Hall

bedroomYear Built: 1963-64
Price: $3,206
Capacity: 520 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen
Room Types: singles, doubles, triples
Laundry Facilities: on first floor of each wing
Bathroom Facilities: communal, in each wing
What’s New: Replaced doors on all rooms, bathrooms rennovated over past few summers

Real thoughts from real students:

“With only six floors it is not a pain to walk up the stairs if need be, unlike Martin’s where I’ve heard it is hard to catch an elevator when your room is 13 floors up.” — Eric Lucanese, Freshman

“The sign-in policies are a little too strict, and I’d feel insulted if they kept such policies later down the road for older students, but for freshman it’s somewhat understandable.” — Jeremy Landau, Freshman

IMG_9841“Ann’s is one of the farthest buildings from anywhere on campus. The extra distance when it is raining or cold to get to Towers can seem like a mile.” — Eric Lucanese, Freshman

“I do not like the small amount of washers and dryers.” — Katie Freidhoff, Freshman

“Everyone respects each other and it’s a nice  living environment … It’s a great place to live and be able to learn and have fun uninterrupted.” — Jeremy Landau, Freshman