St. Martin Hall

1Year Built: 1961
Price: $3,206
Capacity: 485 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen, upperclassmen for single rooms only
Room Types: singles, doubles, 1 triple
Laundry Facilities: on each floor
Bathroom Facilities: communal, on each floor
What’s New: LED lighting in all rooms, water fountains with water bottle filling stations

Real thoughts from real students:

“[I like] the cleanliness of the whole floor, the bathroom, the rooms even. The furniture is very up-to-date.” — Cassidy Kaczor, Freshman

“The doors slam unless you request to get it fixed, so you’ll hear doors slamming all throughout the night. Even though you’ll deal with people living on different sleep schedules wherever you live, it still gets pretty annoying if you’re a light sleeper.” — Bri Reinhart, Freshman

3“We have an up-to-date bathroom, a lounge area, a computer lab, as well as a study room on every floor. I also like how we have a workout room so we don’t have to walk the entire way to the Power Center.” — Dana Dryzal, Freshman

“[I dislike] the laundry situation. The problem is some people really need clean clothes, and because of only one laundry machine per floor, it gets very backed up sometimes. Other times, people don’t use it at all, as they think it’s being used by someone who signed up on the sheet, but isn’t actually using it.” — Caleb Beard, Freshman