Women’s Fall 2018 Fashion

Photo by Hallie Lauer/Features editor
The chocolate brown color of Violet McMullen’s shirt is the perfect fall color. Paired with the jean jacket, this outfit makes layering look effortless and fun, especially with the addition of buttons adding a bit of McMullen’s personality to the outfit.

Kendra Kneisl | Staff Writer


Starbucks just switched its menu, and you know what that means: fall is arriving. With its advent comes fuzzy socks and cozy sweaters, but there’s much more than that to fall fashion.

Before Thanksgiving break, when many students switch out their wardrobe, transitional attire proves valuable. Ease is just as important as style to the college student, and borg pullovers are cozy, but more importantly, practical. A pullover is a singular piece of apparel that you can slip on and walk out the door. When switching your fall wardrobe, incorporating darker colors like burgundy and browns or warm materials like cashmere and borg can go a long way in transforming your look.

Accent pieces like hats and scarves are especially important when looking for easily modifiable outfits. Thankfully, a black or gray summer tee can easily transform into an autumn staple with infinity scarves. Beanies in warm colors, like orange or brown, tie in nicely with crocheted sweaters. Add knee-high leather boots and a rather minimalistic outfit turns into a timeless classic.

Pinafore dresses provide a great segue from summer to fall. Coming in materials like suede, corduroy, linen and cotton, pinafore dresses can adapt well with the changing seasons. Short sleeves are traditionally worn underneath, but as the weather cools, swapping them out for long sleeves is not only acceptable but reshapes the look. A striped black-and-white cotton long-sleeve shirt worn under a black pinafore with black knee highs is aesthetically a move away from summer attire but still airy enough to actually wear right now.

Fall is prime time to add hues like army green, mustard yellow and burgundy to the collection. Some staples like sweaters will never go out of style. In every color, shape and design imaginable, sweaters pair with leggings, skirts, jeans and even dress pants. There’s one for every occasion.

Right now, cool mornings lend themselves to unbearable afternoons that will soon have you sweating out of any sweater by 10 a.m., and so layers are a crucial means of survival. Flannels, which are tailored to a variety of preferences, from classic checkered to cute floral, are easy to throw on and can be found at almost any store for a low cost.

As the day progresses, tanks worn underneath provide the perfect respite. Ripped jeans, which are here to stay, make a statement when paired with combat boots. Since the bottom of the outfit is so neutral, it allows flexibility with the top. Spruce it up with an oversized sweater or add a black or white flowy blouse. Limitless combinations are possible.

Weather is unpredictable, but here on the Bluff exists a whole different beast: wind, and lots of it. Tweed material pairs well with warm colored or cashmere cardigans. Their snug and narrow shape is flattering on many body types, but most importantly, reduces one’s chance of a wind induced fashion mishap. Pencil skirts are business attire yet versatile enough to pull off as everyday wear and offer that same protection from the wind that a dress may not.

Sadly, autumn isn’t all sunny days and changing colors, so I suppose we must be realistic about all the rain. It isn’t always easy to stay dry, let alone incorporate any semblance of style while wearing bulky raincoats and carrying umbrellas. The solution: rainboots. Cute and functional.

Photo by Katia Faroun/Photo editor
A vest, like the one Alivia Montgomery is wearing is also helpful in combating the Pittsbugh weather. It is just enough to keep you warm without the outfit feeling too bulky or heavy.

Rather than dodge puddles and break out old tennis shoes, or whatever shoes you choose to sacrifice to the rain, invest in a pair of rainboots. Styles like booties and knee highs are common.

The colorful boots are also available in pastels, off-the-wall patterns and classic yellow – a personal favorite – which provides a sharp contrast against dreary days and the equally dreary clothes making an appearance on those days.

Trending currently are fuzzy cropped tops with denim skirts. Block heel booties are also gaining popularity as they are extremely versatile, matching with leggings, pants, dresses and skirts.

Onboard or not, retro puffa jackets are making a comeback from the ‘70s and the patterns remain the same. These Back to the Future-esque jackets are warm and make a bold statement, yet they’re short enough as not to drown the person in bulky wear.

Whatever you decide to wear make it your own. Fashion is individual, and these are more guidelines rather than strictly defined rules. So make whatever you wear, your own.