Brendza’s Beat: Fresh Gambino, Morrissey’s story and Lennon

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editorbrendza'sbeat

Because The Internet

Gambino is a mastermind. These aren’t just lyrics from “Freaks and Geeks,” an earlier track from Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino.

While I may not be super into the rap game, I know a little bit about it. Childish Gambino is my favorite rapper. So with a few words from a tweet last Friday, he got me more than a little excited, when he wrote “the album is done.”

Since then, he has announced the album’s name, Because The Internet, a freestyle of “yapphet kotto” (a possible song off the new album) and a release period (the not so exact“winter break”).The new album will be his first studio release since 2011’s Camp and first release since 2012’s R O Y A L T Y mixtape.

With the previews he’s released so far, Because The Internet may be as big, if not bigger than Camp. I hope Christmas comes early with a leak of the album. I’ve been a pretty good boy, Santa.

Morrissey: By Morrissey

Who better to tell a story about The Smiths legend then himself? After some bumps in the road, a “last-minute content disagreement” between the frontman and former publisher Penguin Books among others, Morrissey: Autobiography, the 480-page work, is set to release Oct. 17 in the U.K. and Europe on Penguin Classics, according to NME, a UK music outlet.

The imprint of Penguin Books, which for the most part, publishes classic literature. Yes, The Illiad, Crime and Punishment, Moby Dick and a countless number of works will share the same publisher as the 55-year-old “icon.”

It’s in interesting, if not peculiar, for an autobiographical work to come out on Penguin Classics. But when “it has been said ‘Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that Morrissey has reached in his lifetime,” according to a synopsis on Penguin Classics’ website, all bets are off. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Smiths. I like them sure, but Morrissey just seems to be another case of inflated ego, although some of it might be justified. He has had almost 19 top 10 records between solo work and the Smiths.

Lennon’s Star

Vandalism is inappropriate. Except in the case of really cool graffiti that you see under bridges or on buildings. But that’s beside the point.

Former Beatle John Lennon’s Hollywood Star was vandalized star was found vandalized Oct.5 when Gillian Lomax, former host of KLOS’s Breakfast with the Beatles, a radio show geared toward the famed group, led her A Magical History Tour to Lennon’s star, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (The tour is focused on Beatle’s history in Los Angeles.)

According to Lomax, the markings included a spotted toadstool, a smiley-face, “I love you,” and “Blackbird… Rain was here.” The scribbling had different colored pens, as well, to which Lomax equated to multiple vandals in the vandalism. The vandalism has since been cleaned, in good time too since Lennon’s birthday was Wednesday. No one likes to be vandalized on their birthday.

The act is quite childish, when you think about it. I have my doubts about this being a serious act against Lennon or that it stands for anything substantial. Not to mention it was with a pen, not spray paint or anything permanent. The fact that it happened close to his birthday is peculiar. But other than that, it seems to be some hippies using his star as a sketch pad. Case closed.

Out This Week

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Panic at the Disco – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!
Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals
Tim Kasher – Adult Film
Waka Flocka Flame – Flockaveli 2
-All albums released Oct. 7

On the Horizon

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Just announced

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