In the Spring of things: Spring Fashion 2013

By: Georgie Flynn|Asst. Opinions Editor

Fashion for Women

This season, the clothing is going to be a continuance of what we have seen in the past seasons.

Jenna Lowe, 26, a jewelry designer and employee at Pageboy Salon and Boutique in Lawrenceville has some predictions on what to expect.

“Midi-length dress and skirts will be all the rage, along with pleated skirts. Also, we will be seeing a lot of skater shorts and sporty dresses,” Lowe said.

Instead of your usual maxi-skirts or mini-skirts, you can now purchase a skirt that falls into a happy medium. A conservative, yet flattering style such as the midi-skirt can be dressed up very easily. Just by adding a cute blouse or a floral top will go a very long way.

“I am still seeing a lot of floral prints,” Lowe said.

You can continuously wear your floral prints from seasons’ prior. Floral printed skirts, shorts and shirts will still be stylish this spring, so don’t think about getting rid of these fabulous and trendy looks.

Alissa Martin, 40, creative director and owner of Pavement, a boutique on Butler Street, offered her expectations of styles for this season.

“Not only do I still see maxi-skirts, but I am starting to see pencil skirts coming into style,” Martin said.

Pencil skirts are a versatile piece that you can wear to work and then wear out after with your friends.

The Classy-Casual Man

Men’s fashion is in the middle of a transition with men receiving more options than the usual t-shirt and jeans look. But at the same time, men still have the option to look like the casual everyday man.

The styles that have been in for the past few years still works on men and will last throughout the spring and summer season.

“Plaid is still in for men. Everything slim-fitting is in style for guys this season. Graphic tees still work, not much has really changed for men this season,” Lowe said. “Men have the option to wear monk-strap shoes now, which I am very excited and hoping to see guys take advantage of this.”

But, men now have a classy choice to wear with a casual outfit. Wearing stylish shoes such as oxfords can dress up an outfit even if it is a simple casual outfit.

“Spectator shoes are very versatile with casual and formal wear,” said Josh Fedorski, 30, owner of Clothes Minded, located on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield.

Wearing a spectator shoe can flatter a simple outfit such as skinny jeans and a casual button down. Dress shoes just have a classier look when compared to the average and everyday sneaker.

Show Stopping Shoes

Shoes are having a interesting season. High heels are not super high. In fact, the lower and smaller the heel, the better. Less is more.

“A low heel is an incredible option. Kitten heels have a vintage look and give off a classy vibe.” Martin said.

A kitten heel which is a short, slender heel, gives a vintage feel everyone will enjoy. You can wear your kitten heels with a midi or maxi-skirt and a floral top.

Another versatile and practical option is a pair of flats.

“Flats in general have made a big statement. In terms of spring and summer, flats are the easiest to wear,” Fedorski said.

Ballet flats are timeless and they are just as practical as the messenger bag.


Accessories are making an interesting transition from flashy apparel to neat necessity.

“Cross-body bags are going to be very popular this spring,” Lowe said.

These cross body bags consist of satchels and messenger bags. Not only do these bags put the cherry on top of a perfect outfit, but they are quite useful in the sense that it is nearly impossible to steal one of these bags from another person. Your essentials inside your bag are safe as long as they are hanging around you in a cross-body formation.

If one does not like the look of a cross-body bag, clutches are another stylish way to go.

“I have seen a lot of girls carrying clutches around,” Lowe said.

Clutches add a flashy style and although they are irritating to carry at times, a clutch is so incredibly fashionable that taking the risk of carrying one is always worth it.

Jewelry also has a lot of interesting options for this spring season.

“Big chunky statement necklaces are really in right now,” Martin said.

Martin’s opinion on chunky necklaces is that the chunky necklace style is not only in, but layering necklaces together is a very edgy look that will be a huge hit this spring. Mixing different metals together such as gold, silver, or rustic metal is now becoming in, as once it was dangerous and highly frowned upon.

A necklace with a big pendant will make a very good conversation piece. The in thing right now is have an animal pendant, such as a lion or tiger. This will grab everyone’s attention as this piece will be the center of your outfit. Wearing a simple black dress with a big chunky necklace is a funky option. Make these pieces of jewelry the main focus of your outfit. They will stand out amongst all things.

Bright Make-Up, Beautiful Hair, Big Dreams

Hair and make-up are making a bold statement this spring.

Make-up is doing the usual changes from cold winter to the warm spring season.

“I have been seeing a lot of berry colored lips along with pinks with sheen to them. Also, I have seen the usual pastel colored shadows,” Lowe said.

She stresses the need for everyone to find their own look and be a little wary of following trends when it comes to make-up.

“These colors do not work for everyone. Make-up is a very personal thing, so people should wear what works for them,” Lowe said.

Hair on the other hand is making minor transitions. Ombre hair was a huge trend last spring, but it has stayed strong over the past year.

“I have seen a lot of ombre – which is a subtle ombre,” Lowe said.

A subtle ombre is a small amount of dark on the top near the roots of the hair, with the faded lighter color on the bottom of your hair.

But others styles are floating around, too.

“I have also seen long bobs and of course bangs,” Lowe said.

Long bobs and bangs are classic looks which are a great trend to take a hold on. If you have never tried bangs before, now is a good time to start.

This spring season is full of many exciting opportunities. Try these cool trends if you haven’t tried them and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Add some cool new pieces or make a few changes in your wardrobe which fit your personality. Make sure to always have fun with your fashion choices.