Snow no more: Spring Fashion 2014 is here

By: George Flynn and Carrie Garrison | The Duquesne Duke

It’s the first day of spring. Since it’s time to start your spring cleaning, start with your closet. It’s well past time to throw out your mint colored tops, pastel pants and chop off that ombré dyed hair.

Brighter Colors and a Plethora of Patterns

( Aaron Warnick / Photo Editor) - Model Avi Diamond, senior music therapy major, poses for fashion photos.
( Aaron Warnick / Photo Editor) – Model Avi Diamond, senior music therapy major, poses for fashion photos.

For colors this season, pastels have been pushed to the way side said Jenna Lowe, the manager of Pageboy Salon and Boutique in Lawrenceville.“Mint and lavender were really in last year, like pastels. This year it seems a lot brighter,” Lowe said.

According to Lowe, the colors replacing pastels are the bright colors such as oranges, reds and pinks.

Ali Miller, sales associate at Figleaf in South Side, sees the trends in color changing as well, and is expecting to see “a lot of the corals, pinks and peaches.”

Along with colors, patterns and prints are starting to make many transformations.

Lowe believes the patterns of the fall are here to stay this spring.

“[For] patterns a lot of geometrics I would say, because that was really big in the sixties,” Lowe said.

These ‘60s inspired geometric patterns include diamonds, circles, squares and others. Aztec prints are expected to make a comeback as well, Lowe said.

However, Miller has a different take on what is coming this spring.

“Not as much (geometric prints) right now. Now, it’s a lot of solids and contrast patterns where the top might be white and the bottom might have some design.”

With these two trend forecasts in play, the options are endless for the everyday woman. Whether you want to wear an eccentric and fun geometrically shaped pattern dress or a dress with sharp contrasts, it is completely up to you. Go for what fits your style.

Features - Fashion 3 (aw)Tops Cropped, Hems Dropped

Tops last spring and summer were cropped to reveal midriff and for this spring they are here to stay.

Josh Fedorski, owner of Clothes Minded in Bloomfield has seen a lot of crop tops fly in and out of his store.

“Crop tops from the 80s and 90s have been making huge sales,” Fedorski said. “High waisted shorts and crop tops have been top sellers although the weather has been so cold.”

Crop tops always look best with something high waisted, and jeans with these waist line are becoming a trend.

“I’ve noticed girls in Pittsburgh are starting to embrace the high waisted jean. I think it is really flattering on the female body,” said Alissa Martin, owner of Pavement in Lawrenceville.

High waisted jeans are very flattering around the waist line and have a vintage touch to make your legs appear longer.

Skirts are even better for spring weather. Last spring, all skirts were low to the ground or had asymmetrical cut, meaning the hem was not the same length around the circumference. This season, an array of options are at your disposal.

“Definitely a mixture of skirts [this season]. Seventies is always more maxi [skirt] and maxi dress and in the 60s all the skirts were short and mod,” Lowe said.

You can embrace your inner Twiggy and go for a super short skirt that screams mod or dress more like Stevie Nicks with a long and flowing maxi skirt. The options are endless.

Shoes, Bags and AccessoriesFeatures - Fashion 2 (aw)

For women last season, the shoe of sheer perfection was the sweet and adorable kitten heel. However, going into this spring, the heel has been reduced to the classic flat.

“I’m seeing a lot more flats. Like, loafer style flats. They’re comfortable and chic,” Lowe said.

Lowe is not the only one who believes flats to be the next big thing.

“Vintage cute Mary Janes and flats are doing very well.” Fedorski said.

Mary Janes, which are little shoe, typically black or navy with a strap, have so much potential to fall in line with flats. They have a sense of nostalgia for childhood.
Terra McBride, a Pittsburgh former fashion blogger at Stylish White Female, is loving her flats this spring season.

“I’m obsessed with pointy toed flats. Ballet flats are cute but casual. If I want to look sophisticated in a flat, then they must be pointy toed,” McBride said.

A neutral colored clutch will pair perfectly with your flats.

Oversized bags are overrated and a thing of the past. So exchange that heavy bag for a clutch. Get rid of all the excess baggage and carry only the necessities.

“We have been getting a lot of little clutches in mostly,” Lowe said. “I think a lot of people are moving away from carrying everything with them.”

Clutches are perfect for going out with your friends on a warm spring night versus a huge bag that is only necessary for long school days.

“Neutral and nude clutches go with everything, no one wants to carry a huge purse anymore. It’s all about convenience,” Miller said.

Although less is more with bags, there needs to be a lot of accessories.

A chunky statement necklace can easily take your look from forgettable to flawless. Wearing a white t-shirt and jeans can seem like a basic and boring outfit, but a stylish, big and bold necklace can make your simple outfit eye-popping.

Features - Fashion 4 (aw)Classy Style for a Classy Man

Did you think we forgot you men? Of course not.

Ten years ago, men were all about baggy jeans and plain T-shirts with cliché phrases across the front. Now, it seems that men have made a complete turnaround. Men are dressing classier than ever before with fitted blazers, skinnier slacks and even ties sometimes.

“I’m seeing more men dressed better. Like, if a man is going to get dressed in a suit and nice pants, they are more fitted and less slouchy,” Lowe said. “More slim fitting pants are more mainstream. I think men are looking better as the years go on. They are taking more pride in their appearance.”

Slim fitted pants which actually match the shape of the leg have become preferable in comparison to the dark days of baggy pants. Don’t be afraid to try out a suit and tie. You’re in college and an adult. So experiment with suits to find which one suits you before you enter the work place.

Besides wearing a nice suit, a good idea is to find a tailor.

“It comes down to being tailored. It makes me sad when I see a man in an expensive suit that doesn’t fit,” McBride said.

This spring fashion is anything but dull. There are plenty of options for everyone, regardless of how you identify yourself. Since spring is here, clean out that wardrobe and find some new pieces to show off in the warm weather.